Sunday, 1 December 2013

Man in a Suit...We Got Stopped By the Police and Had to Give Our Identity!!!

Tuesday, November 28th, 2013.
Whats Crackin Ya´ll?!
Hello there everyone, thank you again for the email! Just so you know, even though I can't reply to every point, I always print it off and think it over throughout the week. So I really do think of you all tons out here!
This week has been so amazing. Holy. I have so much that I could write, but I need to choose carefully because there would never be enough time. So maybe I will give quick overviews again, because I know its fun to hear about everything.
We visited a 19 year girl named... who just had her 2nd baby. Beautiful little girl, so amazing to see little new babies. Perfect opportunity to teach a little of the gospel too, so we were able to teach a little about where that little life came from. Such a blessing for us.
We went to Inca one day for district meeting! The day before a man dressed in a suit stabbed someone I believe....and we got stopped by the police and had to give our identity!!! Hahaha it was crazy.
We had intercambios this week, and Elder Soumarrett from Inca came here to be with me. We rocked it. It was a day with blessings like none other. Everything worked out, and I taught better than I ever have I believe, I just followed the spirit so well. One story from that day is when we went to visit a family. When we arrived there, we realized it was their whole family of about 15 people. All drunk. But I felt like we should go in anyways. Long story short, they asked us tons of questions about us, that drunk people would ask. But we stayed calm and bore testimony to them. As we prayed, the spirit entered the room so strong. For some reason, we started talking about tithing! I then bore my testimony of the rough time we went through as a family a few years back. I got quite emotional, especially as I talked about mom having cancer! Then, a woman in the room got emotional. She explained that her daughter died of cancer just months ago. She was touched by the spirit so strongly. THEN days later, we ran into that same woman, and she invited us over. We taught her an incredible lesson, that she will see her daughter again. There is no greater joy than sharing that knowledge with people. I love the miracles we see here when we are obedient.
Also we had a fun campfire night (fireside type lesson), roasted meat, cut wood, the manly stuff. There was a girl there who was a Jehovah's witness, but we ended up giving her a Book of Mormon. Success.

One last thing! THERE ARE PARTIES IN THE STREETS HERE ALL THE TIME. IT'S CRAZY. haha I love it, the culture here is incredible. I can even understand about half of the Mallorquin language!
Anyways, I love you all. Big hugs to everyone! Make sure you stay safe, and warm in this weather!

From your island elder,
Elder Hardy

We had a fun fireside type lesson, and I cut some wood for the fire, got a little crazy.
A family here that we teach, they are "hittanos" or gypsies as people say!

Never Tell a Mallorquin That Spanish is More Useful...They will get heated...Trust Me!

Monday, November 18th, 2013.

Good Morning Sunshines!

Wonderful long email this week, I love it! I printed out the one from last week, I loved it so much! So as always, thanks so much for all of the effort you put into the emails! Nice to hear that everything is still going well, along with the small challenges that always come!

Bethany got contacts, that's super impressive! I remember when I tried, I just couldnt get them in. haha  Maybe one day I'll be able to do it, we will have to see though. Super cute pictures of everyone, I loved seeing the sleeping one, really brought back some good road trip memories! Well let's answer your questions!

It's hard being out so late, because I feel like after nine, we are just scaring people when we try to talk to them, it gets dark at about 6! Like pitch black. Also the language is improving, I feel maybe about a seven and a half! My talk was about missionary work! I used the examples of the sons of Mosiah, and the attitude we need to have towards it!

YES, LANGUAGE IS HUGE. Never tell a Mallorquin that Spanish is more useful...they will get me....

Well a little bit about my week! Preparation day was fun, we found this dinosaur park thing, and took lots of pictures with them, also visited some stores! Preparation days aren't too fun here in Manacor, but I am planning on heading out to the coast one of these days to do something fun there!

We got invited over to the President of our branches house for lunch one day, and OH BOY. It was so good. They had mashed potatoes with tons of meat and ahhhhh it was great. They literally fed us so much, I left feeling sick. haha. But it reminded me of our classic Sunday dinners we always had back at home.

MUST WATCH: The Mormon message called "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father". Really touched me, and puts a great perspective into our minds about how our Heavenly Father must feel. We watched it with a couple of members this week, and they really enjoyed it. Especially you dad, I think you will enjoy it.

We had a very difficult lesson... So hard seeing someone that i love feel that remorse or sadness that she felt, and not being able to give her a hug myself....
We all got pretty emotional, and I just bore her my personal testimony of repentance, and that through Jesus Christ, we can all be relieved of any hurt of pain or remorse that we feel. She was fine by the end, and it was a great lesson. Blanca, the future mother in law, also asked me to leave a blessing on her home, so we did that!

English class was incredible! The Mallorquin family showed up, Katalina the mom, with her daughter and son! We had a great lesson, I taught the intermediate lesson with the daughter, and it just went so great! We also invited them to church, and they got so excited! They said they would come when their schedule would allow, so we are so excited for that.

One miracle story before I finish. An Hermana in the mission, Hermana Green, was hit by a rough infection a few weeks back. Her joints were so swollen that she couldnt brush her hair. She was in the hospital for a few weeks, We had a mission fast for her this past sunday. That exact day, she started improving. We had a specialized training this week, and she came with the president and his wife, because they are taking care of her for a bit. She walked in almost perfectly, just with a little pain. At the end of the meeting, she bore her testimony, all about fasting. It was so powerful! I loved it, really built my testimony.

Well that was my week. Not too much else to report for now. Things are getting cold here, believe it or not, but I'll stay warm! Love you all so much, and I hope that this week goes amazingly!

Love, Elder Hardy

        "Just a few pictures from a random dinosaur park we found! We decided to fight them."
Elder Hardy looks like one of the cubs!