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Shrimp and Salmon Pizza is Dangerous!

Monday, December 16th, 2013.
Dear Family of People With the Last Name Hardy,
So nice to hear from you this week! Just so you know, I'm feeling suppeerrr sick right now, so if my email is a little bit lame, that's my excuse ;)   I puked all night last night, because of some nasty pizza I ate. Hahah pizza is dangerous, especially shrimp and salmon. Bluuuuggghhh.

Yes I do have to puke, but I'm holding out. So blah, just a little gross. 

Holy, I loved loved loved hearing about everything that you all did this week! Doing the 12 days of Christmas for those elders, I can't even imagine just how happy that probably makes them. Little things like that as missionaries means the world! So nice work, and really good ideas, you sure are spoiling them!

About Grandma, it is really impressive to live as long as she did! 97!  Always a little sad to have a loved one pass on, but such a blessing to know that we will see her again. I will keep Grandpa in my prayers, that he will be comforted until it is his time to follow her.

Well this week has been incredible, as always. I really dont think I will have have a week on my mission where there isn't something fun to tell about, as long as I am doing what I am suppposed to do! One fun thing is that we had zone conference! Really great lesson about the role of the Book of Mormon, and powerful practices teaching it! I got to teach my "son" Elder Wilson, the one I took out in Barcelona a few months ago! Great guy. Then we had a Christmas devotional, where I have an incredible witness from the spirit of Jesus Christ. Hard to explain in words, but I was the last one to read from the Christmas program, where it talks about who Jesus Christ is. Out of the blue, I just got hit by the spirit, and started crying as I was reading about Jesus. The room was just silent, and the spirit was so strong. There isn't really a way to describe how it felt. Then we watched the baptism slideshow which was fun to see all the pictures! Maybe it's on the mission facebook site?
A couple of other fun stories for you all! One night on the train, for some reason on the train compartment we were on, it was just us two and like 15 girls our age...super random. So we gathered all the courage we could, and went up to talk to all of them and invite them to English class! It went great, they all loved it, and even started talking to us about religion! I think one of them might have even stole my missionary tag...because it was gone when i  got off of the train.... :(
One more crazy contacting story...that same night, we were walking along the road next to a Muslim man. Normally I dont contact them, but this time I did. Turns out the he is the Islamic leader of this whole city...almost half of the city is Muslim imagine that, huge huge contact that I made! We made a great impressioin on him, and even gave him a card!

Well that was some of my week. I am so excited to open the gifts you sent, I really am enjoying the Christmas cookies and caramels, people are begging me to bring some of my mom's homemade caramels to them, so I may just share a few ;)
Love you all so much, I hope that this week is wonderful for you all! 

Love, Elder Hardy


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