Sunday, 9 June 2013

Big Man at the MTC

Thursday June 6th, 2013

Hardy Family!

How are you all doing?!  From these cute pictures, it seems like you are all doing awesome!  Still beautiful and handsome as ever.
I seriously look at the photo album every single day, and I share it with everyone to look at. You are all so good looking.
Hey Grandma and Grandpa Baril, you guys are so great!  I've shared those 19 boxes of Smarties with so many people.  I went out of my way to give them to people who looked like they needed it.  They were all soooo grateful and surprised, it was hilarious.  Just know that those Canadian candies are a hit!  ;)  And I think I already wrote Grandma Joyce a card before I left, but make sure she knows how grateful I am for her and her support. I love you Grandma Joyce!
Thank you all for the dear elders, they are a highlight of every day for me.  It's so nice of you guys to take time to write me and keep me updated!  Dad, I seriously CHERISH that story you told me about the temple and Grandma.  That's such a powerful story to hear!  I love stories like that, it's really a powerful testimony builder.  I hope you will always keep it dear to your heart, because I know that I will.  
Chad, thanks for your letter too!  I loved your words of support, they really lifted me up!  And its cool to hear you say you actually love and care about me, deep down I already knew it, I was just waiting for you to say it.  I care about you, and love you so much.  I pray for you daily Chad.  I love you so much my brotha, I miss our wings nights.  When I get back, we better do that stuff again!
Alright, let's talk about some stuff that happened this week. An elder left today. Elder -, he came in just last week and I became pretty good friends with him  He's a really nice guy.  Anyways, yesterday he just broke down and said he would have to go home. Turns out that he's an atheist, and couldn't continue teaching.  Really a sad story, I feel really distraught over it.  But I talked with him for a bit, and tried to give him some courage and support.  I hope things work out for him.
We can't do things on our own.  There is a purpose for us in this life.  We gotta get through it, and endure.  We're supposed to have joy, and I know that the only true way I could find that was by leaning on Heavenly Father and the atonement.  The only way I was able to feel happy was through my Savior.  I know, without a doubt, that we are here to find joy.  Wickedness never was happiness, I've found that out.
I also am continuing with the "singing in the shower tradition" here.  All the new guys who have come in like it too, so I'm basically just Michael Buble in the shower. If only I sounded that good all the time.  ;)  But I love it.  I really miss music, I barely ever get to hear it here!  I really want some way to listen to it, so I've gotta figure that out!
Yesterday, I was the big man at the MTC.  I was in charge of directing all of the traffic for the new missionaries getting dropped off.  And it was a record, most cars in history at the MTC.  Over 900! Anyways, I ended up getting burnt, bad.  I'll send a picture.
Hey I've got a testimony building scripture for you all!  Just a cool relation between the New Testament and Book of Mormon. So in Matthew 17:11, Jesus is talking to Peter, James, and John! And it actually says that Elias (John the Baptist) will come to "restore" all things!  THAT IS THE PRIESTHOOD!  How cool is that you guys?  The restoration of the gospel was foretold.  If that isn't sweet, I don't know what is.
Okay so guys, I'm getting my travel plans today! Ill be calling sometime after 12 I think, for five minutes. Not sure exactly when. Will anyone be home? 
I love you guys so much. Stay strong, you're all great. 

Love, Elder Hardy
I asked Elder Hardy the name of the other missionary besides Elder Stolk. 
His response:
His name is Elder Miller, from North Ogden Utah. He is going to Malaga Spain!
They both got their visas.
Elder Hardy is 19.  Time to take him seriously!  
We had happy birthday donuts sent to Elder Hardy for his birthday.
From Wednesday, June 5th when Elder Hardy got to be the "big man"
at the MTC directing traffic as all the new missionaries of the week were being dropped off. 
The other pictures had little too much white skin to post them here!
On Thursday June 6th, we got a phone call from Elder Hardy saying that on Monday morning he will be flying out to Toronto where he will begin his mission and say until his Visa arrives.
We also got a call from Renee Boehmer from the Diamond Valley Branch who had just returned from dropping off their daughter at the MTC for her mission to New Zealand.   She said that they saw Elder Hardy there directing traffic and looking so great and happy.  They knew Elder Hardy from working together on the Youth Celebration for the Calgary Alberta Temple.

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