Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Smallest District Ever!

"We have sisters in our zone now, four. We got three new ones yesterday too. I don't really know any of them though, we are never with other districts except for meals and sacrament meeting."


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!  I really hope that everyone spoils you today, because you deserve it.  I love you so much.  Do you have any plans at all?  I hope you do. Treat yourself okay? I will send you a birthday letter when I can, so just be ready for that!
Thank you all for the dear elders! I love hearing everything. Bethany I loved yours! Yes, boys are stupid. Just stay away from them alright? ;) You're the cutest one around, so make sure you stay safe :)
Alright, let's see what I can tell you about this week.  I sprained my ankle in gym on Saturday!  So I had to get it checked out, it was a stage 1 ankle sprain. Guess what? Completely healed two days later.  It's cool those little miracles and blessings that we recieve daily, how amazing our bodies can be! So that was fun, I'm back to playing volleyball and basketball again!  Oh, here's a crazy story for you!  So in my district on the very first day, we had 7 people. 5 elders, 2 sisters. The two sisters were too good at spanish, so they switched classes the first day. That left us with 5. Then one elder left to the Madrid mtc, so we were left with 4. Yesterday, an elder went home, because he had things he needed to get sorted out. So now we are left with 3. SMALLEST DISTRICT EVER. I'm now in a triple companionship, so basically we are just one district. It's so crazy. But I'm so grateful for them all. And I hope the elder who left yesterday will get things fixed, it was an emotional goodbye and I'm so happy he is using the wonderful gift of the atonement that has been provided for us. Keep Elder - in your prayers!
We had a devotional the other day, and in it we sang Come, come ye saints.  The spirit was so strong. I could hear the angels singing with us, I promise you guys that.  It was incredible.  Also, we watched Sister Monson's funeral after.  I don't know if you guys have seen it, but I think it was her grandaughter who sang in it!  And Beth, she reminded me of you.  The song was "Whenever I hear the song of a bird".  Go and read those lyrics.  They are so cool!  I felt the spirit very strong then too.
Hey I'm so happy you guys recieved my letters! I love you all. Carson, you better write me back dude ;)  I hope everything is going good, stay strong! Aubrey, how cute are you. I could just picture you reading it all by yourself, you're a smart girl! Learn Spanish now okay?
I love you all so freaking much! I have a few scriptures I want you to read. Matthew 10:19-20. This one is more for me, it explains how i need to go about teaching! Teach by the spirit, fear not, becuase my mouth will be filled! Such a cool gift as a missionary, and I've experienced it...in Spanish. Also, read alma chapter 32 as a family. All about faith. Its such a great chapter!  I love it.
Last one is Ether 2:24-25. This is for all of you, Dad, Mom, Chad, Beth, Cars, Aubs.  Jesus Christ is explaining that he gives us trials, winds and waves in our sea.  He watches us and how we deal with those waves. Will we sink?  Or will we swim?  This is a test.  He is our light, and He will help us calm the seas.  I challenge you all to swim, no matter how high your waves might be.  Some are higher than others.  Through the atonement of Jesus Christ, we can all be healed.  Matthew 11:28-30. He already atoned for our sins. Repent, lift those burdens!  He didn't suffer, so that we could hold them on ourselves.  Lighten your loads.  He wants us to.  He loves us.
Sorry for that...my missionary side came out..haha. perdon me por favor?  I love you all so much.
Love, Elder Hardy
In response to my mentioning that his visa is not ready yet and I thought that sending him to Toronto would make sense since he has to fly there anyways on his way to Spain to pick up his Visa in person:
I hope it will get here soon. If not, serving in Canada for a bit would be pretty fun! Back to the homeland for a bit, I wouldn't mind!  That's so true, Toronto Spanish speaking would just make sense. But exactly, who knows where I'm needed. I guess we'll see hey? I'm just excited, and nervous. Missionary work is not easy, I'll tell you that! I can't imagine how hard dad must have worked to learn the language!  So impressive. Dad, you're such a boss. Or in Spanish, "como un jefe" (like a boss)

A link to a beautiful rendition of  "Come, Come ye Saints":

Here is a link to Whenever I Hear the Song of a Bird:


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