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Missionary Work Is So Cool - Lots of Work to Be Done Here.

Monday June 17, 2013
The Best Family In The World!
How are you all?!  I'm sure that you are all doing so well, and having so much fun!  I'm happy that you received my letters, I never feel like I can trust the mailing system.
Mom I'm going to try to answer your questions now, let's hope I get to them all!
Tell me all about who you are serving with!  Companions from where and tell us all about them? 

1. I'm serving with Elder P (Uruguay/Utah) and Elder S (Idaho). Awesome guys, really funny, both fluent in Spanish which is fun! I really like them, couldn't have asked for better!
Chathum...tell me about how you got there.  And how was your flight to Toronto?  Did you have any adventures on your way there?  You made your connection ok?  Do you know where Chathum is on a map?  You are right by the US border and Michigan I think!  Cool spot.  Quite far away from Toronto really when your visa comes.  (This is where we were told Elder Hardy was sent to in the original letter from President Scott - glad we didn't mail anything there since he never really was there!)

2. No idea what Chatham is?  I'm in Blackcreek.  Right near downtown Toronto. The ghetto part of Toronto...I'm safe, but lets just say people aren't so friendly...there's been some scary stuff.  haha  But it's all good.  Mostly everyone is Jamaican or East Indian or Asian or African American...maybe 5% white people.  So I stick out even more.  But I love them all, everyone has the potential to become a disciple of Christ.
Tell me about your Mission President and your time at the mission home.
3. Mission President Scott is awesome!  Super nice guy, went out to dinner with him and his wife my first night I got here!
What was your first week of missionary work like?  Are you speaking Spanish?  Are you tired out? 
4. It was crazy, but fun. Yes, lots of Spanish. I'm in the Spanish ward, and we teach ESL, so lots of Spanish.  I'm improving, but it's still so hard.
Do you eat healthy?  Are you buying healthy food and eating it?
5. Trying.  It's hard on a budget.  But we are doing our best. Members feed us a decent amount!  Lots of rice and beans, I love it.
What awesome experiences can you share with us from your week and a half? 
6. Too many crazy stories, lots that I won't have time to share.  haha.  We've been like verbally attacked by many people, I received my first "flip-off" by some guy in a car, the CONSTANT stares on every bus ride, old ladies completely ignoring you when you say hello.  That one was awkward...and lots lots more.  But it's all good.  haha
So yeah, its been a pretty good week though!  I love it here, it's so different, and lots of work to be done here. We had a lady just this morning who was rambling to us about how "everyone in Toronto is drained, I can see it in their eyes".  She wore glasses so she wouldn't get drained.  Long story short, she was not in her right mind.  You wouldn't believe how crazy the world can be, till you get out there and see it.
We have taught lots of lessons with tons of cool experiences! One guy named Tom came into ESL (English classes) one day, and said "I'm a catholic, but I had a feeling to come in here". He later said some cool stuff about how he feels a good spirit every time he sees us and stuff! He just has trouble with the Book of Mormon still, but it will come.
Missionary work is so cool.  I've learned so much already.  I just really want to get this language down!  It can be very tough sometimes, I'll be honest, but I am someone who keeps on trying and never gets discouraged, that's what I've learned.  Anyways, I love you all, and I really hope you are all doing amazing.  I cant wait for the letters!
Talk to you soon :)
Love, Elder Hardy

Elder Hardy sent this picture this week of
Hermano Davis (with his wife) and the District at the MTC

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