Monday, 8 July 2013

Llama Problems

Wednesday July 3rd, 2013.

Dear Dad, Mom, Chad, Bethany, Carson, and Aubrey!

It's so nice to be able to hear from you guys! Thank you so much for all of the emails, I love being able to read them. I'm sorry if I forget to reply to something, or don't give enough detail. Also taking pictures isn't something that I do very often, so be patient with that!
Dad, those pictures of the flood are CRAZY. HOLY. That's got to be the most insane thing I've ever seen. Especially the Saddledome, its just surreal to see something like that that I never would have expected. You are all being great disciples of Christ by giving service to your fellow men. What's going to happen with work now? Do you still have to make it up there somehow?
It sounds like you guys had some fun in Magrath/Raymond too hey? I'm jealous, but not really. I hope it was an awesome time! I actually have an Elder Cook here from Magrath, he knows grandma and grandpa! Also Elder Gibb from Lethbridge is my zone leader, cool hey?
Okay so biiiggg update for you all. Lets see. Ready for a funny story? It will make you "poop your pants".
So. One day we went to a Bolivian family's house for dinner. Lo and behold, we ate llama. With weird giant corn things. It was kinda gross, but I enjoyed it and ate it all. I thought I was fine, but I always had the lingering thought of Elder Grigor's Bolivian bowel problems. Anyways, two days later, I woke up. At three in the morning. And oh boy, did I ever have to go! long story short...I spent lots of time making a new friend with the toilet. It wasn't pretty. I could barely walk without being scared of pooping myself. Even to this day, still having problems. That was five days ago! So that's one update. I've been getting made fun of quite a lot actually because of it, but its pretty scary. I lost five pounds in two days. Its not healthy. So if it doesn't fix itself soon...I might go see someone...hahahaha  That's my story for the week.
Alright, update time. So transfers came, and guess what? I had to stay at Elder Campbell's apartment with my companions for a night! So that was pretty cool. He should be home now, there to talk about my llama problems. So I was supposed to stay in Blackcreek area, and I got a new companion. But that night, I got a call! It was the Assistant to the President who said I was needed here in Cambridge, which is an English speaking mission! So now I'm here for two weeks, doing English with Elder Wright. Pretty crazy turn of events. But fun! So I'm doing pretty good, having fun serving people and getting to know people.
We had an exciting experience back in my last area (Blackcreek) right before I left! The sisters had a 9 year old girl, Laura, to be baptized! Her mom is inactive. So pretty hard situation. But she got baptized, and her mom just felt the spirit so strong. It was amazing. Beforehand she was quite against the baptism from happening, but after her whole countenance just changed. It was incredible! So many cool stories.
Spanish is coming along, but it's hard. People talk so fast, so its hard for me to understand and participate in a real conversation. That has been a bit of a struggle for me here, but its okay, it happens with everyone. Now that I'm in English, it's going to be even harder though. But great opportunity for teaching that I fully understand!
I love you all so much. Thank you for all that you do. You're amazing. Never forget that you are all children of Heavenly Father, and he loves you. He knows you. He knows your struggles. He knows your weaknesses. Become humble, and he will make weaknesses become strong unto you. This is a promise. I'm learning these things slowly here, and I'm going to test them out. I want you all to do the same. Pick something you struggle with, and work on it this week! We'll do it together. I love you all, stay amazing.
Love, Elder Hardy

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