Monday, 8 July 2013

The Value of Hard Work

Monday July 8, 2013.
Hola La Familia Hardy!
Como estais?! Yo espero que todo esta bien ahora. I love you all!
I hope my Spanish comes when I get to Spain, I know it will be hard though, its so different than other Spanish!
Alright so this week! Its been really awesome. I can really feel a difference between this area and last area. With Elder Wright, we have been working extra hard, and we have been seeing the most amazing miracles take place. I've learned the value of hard work, and that's the most important thing I've learned this week.
So it's been a great week overall. My llama issue has been taken care of, thanks mom for the set of remedies. I went and bought bananas and apples and tried some things! I also used two pepto bismol tablets, under dire circumstances. But all is well my friends, no need to fear. Its funny though, the day that the llama issue cleared up, I was using a Q-Tip...and to make a long story short, I was deaf out of my left ear for two yeah, that was fun. But one day, I went into the shower deaf, and came out fully able to hear. I have no idea how it happened. But I was pretty excited. So there's my health story of the week :)
We have been working very hard in our finding efforts. The Elders in this area before us didn't really leave us with we are starting from scratch. But we have three investigators now! One's name is Yulia, a 16 year old girl. Her mom is Brazilian, and dad is Japanese, so I think she speaks both languages! Anyways, we taught her the restoration, and she was just so prepared to hear it! She explained to us that she felt as though we were there as signs that God was calling her back to him. Pretty cool thing to say. I invited her to be baptized on August 4th, and she agreed! So I'm excited for that, hopefully all works out.
We also met a family from Grenada, and they are super nice! We met them once and just got to know them for a bit, taught a little of the basics, but we're going to meet with them more! So I'm excited for that, they even have four little kids, so great opportunity!
Yesterday was fast sunday, so we went to church and had the opportunity to bear our testimonies and introduce ourselves! It was pretty fun to do that for the first time! Anyways, after while walking around, I noticed that all of the kids and youth were like staring at me and I was a little weirded out. But finally at the end of church, the bishop's little son came up to me and was like, "Elder Hardy, are you the guy on YouTube?" And I just laughed so hard! Then like ten of them came up to me and shook my hand, it was hilarious! So they quoted their favorite lines and stuff, we just talked. It was a funny experience!
After church, we ate lunch at a members house, they are moving to Magrath. They are also looking for a small place to stay, so ask around! After dinner we went to visit former investigators. Talked to a 20 year old guy with Schizophrenia, he was really nice. But on our way to the next, we found a woman on her front steps, so we stopped to talk to her! She was from Chile! So we spoke Spanish, and talked with her for about an hour. Taught her the whole restoration right then and there, and I gave the first vision to her in Spanish. We have a return appointment, so I'm excited for that!
So that was basically my week. Food is good, I'm learning to do some real cheap cooking with ground beef and such. I'm loving it. Tell Chad that Sister Mendenhall from Raymond says hi, she knows him!
I love you all so much. Stay happy, there is strength in numbers.
Love, Elder Hardy
Elder Hardy sent these pictures in with a Reply to Aubrey who has been sad to see NO pictures of her brother wearing the special tie that she helped to pick out for him.
"Aubrey I'm sorry I didn't wear your tie that day! But I will wear that super duper cool blue tie tomorrow okay? I still remember going to the store with everyone and we were all picking them. You gave me like 50 different ties to choose from! And that was the one that we both liked best. I love that tie from you, and I'm so happy when I wear it, because I think of you! I love you so much Aubrey, I hope you are staying safe and happy!"

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