Thursday, 2 May 2013

Feeling Blessed to Be His Mom

We had family pictures just a few days before Bryce
 reported to the Missionary Training Center.
I am so blessed to be his Mom.  He has taught me many things
and I anticipate learning much more from him. 
I decided that if we cannot hear from him for eight more days
 that we will use the time to post a few pictures of him with us.
We had a lot of 'discussion' about what shoes Bryce would wear in the family photos.
 He wanted his white (and a bit grubby looking vans),
and I wanted him to pick out a pair of new shoes in tan or brown. 
He ended up wearing an old pair of Chad's.
 Maybe we'll see them in another photo on another day! Aren't family photos just so much fun! 
Well a couple days later when everyone besides me and Bryce was away at work or school
 and I was packing suitcases with Bryce
 and also doing the 'toss, donate, keep til after your mission' thing,
 I suggested he go down to the front hall closet and go through his shoes
 and figure out what he wanted to do with them. 
He said in a nonchalant voice, "There aren't any other shoes". 
He had his dress shoes, his running shoes and those white shoes all packed into his suitcase.
 I burst into tears and hugged that boy so tight. 
It was one of those priceless moments
when your heart is filled to bursting as you are taught by your child
 and the innocent and sweet examples that they are. 
 He has been grateful for what he has, though to some it would seem not enough. 
 He has been kind and understanding and good. 
He knows that value is not in the stuff that we have,
but in who we are and the relationships we have.  
This is just one reason I consider myself blessed to be his Mom.   

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