Sunday, 5 May 2013

One Little Girl Who Adores Her Big Brother.

If there is one little girl in the world who adores her
big brother, it is Miss Aubrey!
And no doubt about it, he adores her too! 
Loves her to bits!

Does things she wants to do and sees things through her eyes!
He's a pretty terrific big brother! 
How thankful we are for him.
 It made for a tender moment when we were at the airport at 4:30 am
saying our final goodbyes and hugging each other,
 and Aubrey would have nothing to do with him. 
Wouldn't look at him, wouldn't talk to him, wouldn't hug him.  Nothing. 
 But he said goodbye to her and he loved her and went out those doors
without the Aubrey cuddles that I am sure he would have desperately loved to have.
I tucked Aubrey back into bed at 5:30 am. 
 Four hours later she came quietly down the stairs,
tears welling up in her eyes and streaming down her cheeks. 
She climbed up on my lap (I was at the computer tracking Bryce's flight online)
and in a small and broken heart little voice said, "Brycey". 
She wiped her eyes over and over again with her little fists
as she and I cried together and let the reality settle in. 
Her big brother had left on his mission. 
On Thursday evening as we sat down to supper together she asked,
"How many more days until Brycey comes home from his mission?"
It hit us all pretty hard that 700 and something days seems like a really long time.
Especially to a sweet little five year old. 
It will be a very sweet reunion when these two get to see each other again.
I am pretty sure that Bryce will get double hugs, double kisses,
and double 'I love yous' the day he returns.

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  1. Sweet posts so far! We can't wait to hear how he is liking the MTC!!! This blog will be great....thanks for doing it! Oh...and DARLING photos!!!!