Sunday, 26 May 2013

I'm Like My Own Ipod!

Elder Stolk and Elder Hardy off to The Spain Barcelona Mission

Well I hit my hump day yesterday, which is actually so crazy.  It feels like I've only been in here for a couple of days!   I'm really happy that it's going by quickly, I feel like I'm just getting lost in the work and I honestly forget about time, its a cool feeling.
Well it sounds like things are going pretty good at home from what I've heard!  Mom, you've had some pretty cool experiences in Kansas hey! That's so nice to be able to go to the temple and everything, I bet it was so nice!  I heard there was a big tornado there, did you hear about it?  I really love your dear elders you send, its nice to be updated like that!  Oh and thank you for sending a package,  I'm so excited to get it!  I'll try to wait till my birthday, but no promises ;)
Oh, I got a package from Uncle Russ and Aunt Stacie, SO NICE OF THEM :) Such a great surprise, thank you all so much! It was delicious.  The Michelsons sent me a package too, YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!  Thank you so much, I really am so appreciative of that, it meant a whole lot :) I hope you all are doing great!
I'm so excited to get that package, did Aubrey put her picture in it?  I cant wait for those extra O's, I need those hugs from you Aubs!
Okay mom I'll answer those questions for you!
Here are the questions first:
1.  Whatever happened that you didn't see Camilla?
2.  Who is your Branch President?
3.  Can you only take pics on pday?
4.  Do you know anything about your visa?  I called a day ago and the others from your group all have theirs...but not you yet.  Jaime from the travel office thought you might know something before she does.
Here are his answers:
1. They wouldn't let me leave the MTC since I came in the gates...they told her I couldn't. Kinda lame, but whatever.
2. My branch president is a President Hollister. He used to be a pro drummer for Ozzy Osbourne. No joke. But he's the coolest guy ever, and has lots of spiritual thoughts.
3. I can take pics everyday...but trust me, not much time or purpose to take many here. In Barcelona I will though!
4. Nope. One guy headed to Madrid, but I'm not stressing it. The Lord knows where I need to be, and when I need to be there.
Hmm, lets see what I can tell you about this week. Nothing super interesting happened, but a couple cool stories and funny ones too I guess!
You should tell Joe this one. Yesterday when I was playing volleyball, a missionary came over and was like, "NO WAY, ELDER HARDY!!  I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN, I WATCH YOU ON YOUTUBE!!" hahahaha  And then two others did the same thing in the mail room! The guys in my district were totally I had to explain to them. Anyways, pretty funny.
Another weird story, I was in the cafeteria the other day, just holding a glass, and it suddenly burst in my hand. Out of nowhere. There was one other missionary who saw it happen, and she was just as confused as I was. Either I am Harry Potter, or have some weird super strength. It was so weird.  Long story short, had about 100 glass shards all over my hand, had to go into the kitchen to wash it off.
One last funny story.  Last night after gym, all the guys in my zone were showering.  It's like one large room, with seperate stalls so you cant see each other or anything.  But I just decided to sing a song for fun..and when I finished, they all like begged me to sing more!  So I took requests, and I ended up being in there for like half an hour just singing.  hahaha it was pretty funny, maybe I'll be a pro singer when I come home?  I love singing here, it's like the only music I ever get to hear. Im like my own ipod. I get desperate to hear music, so I have to sing it!
Hey have I told you about my teacher yet?  Hermano Davis?  He has got to be the most amazing guy I've ever met, served in Argentina a couple years ago, married now.  Anyways, he's SO GREAT. He's one of the reasons I was supposed to come to this MTC, I know it.  I wish you guys were able to see him teach, holy.  His name is Jeremy Davis, look him up on facebook!  Such a great guy.
I love you guys. I hope everything is well. I'm so happy you all got my letters! I'm gonna see if I have pics to send you now.
Take care Hardy Clan.
Love, Elder Hardy
Hey one more thing mom. You are right....I did need to learn how to sew :( I did some ninja kick in my pj's last night, totally ripped a hole in the crotch.
(just a note from Mom...we had a big discussion the day or two before he left about bringing some sewing stuff with him.  He was determined NOT TO.  I made him let me buy just  a few things for him to put into his suitcase and told him he wouldn't be sorry!  I can't tell you how this made his mother smile!  And so early on!)
Ps ive gained five pounds! But it's a good five pounds. I'm filling out.  Somehow I have a better sixpack...not sure how that works.  But its working!  I excerise everyday, so I'm gaining good weight. I'm so happy about it.
Mom, i got like 3 compliments on this tie in one day. Success.

Elder Hardy and Elder Stolk
 With the chair perched like this, and that little twinkle in his eye and smirk on his lips,
it reminds me of my little five year old Brycey!  LOVE THIS PICTURE!

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