Friday, 10 May 2013

You Don't Know What You've Got, Until It's Gone - Week One at the MTC

Elder Hardy and Elder Stolk
Elder Hardy - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. I can't put into words how much I really do love you guys. You know the saying, "You don't know what you've got, until it's gone"? Well it definitely rings true here. I miss all of your guys' love, and the fun times we had together before I left.
Luckily I've gotten lost in the work here at the MTC. I am really striving to do my best here, and I know that its beginning to pay off for me. I've been so obedient to all of the rules so far while I'm here...which is surprising I'm sure for you guys, because I was quite the rebel at home ;)   But I have really felt the blessings of my Heavenly Father in this week I've been here.  Through my exact obedience, I have truly been blessed with so many things out here. I feel a unique comforting feeling, despite this huge change in scenery. Another gift I have been given is the gift of tongues. I have grown so fast in this language. I say prayers all in spanish. I bear my testimony in spanish. I greet people and share scriptures in spanish. Its incredible how powerful our Heavenly Father can be, there's no way I could do all this on my own. I've learned so much about this gospel. I have learned to love it, and my faith has grown much stronger already. I wish you guys could meet my teacher, Hermano Davis. He went to Argentina on his mission, so he's got a harsh accent. But he is the coolest, and most spiritual guy ever. He's so great, and I'm learning lots through him.
My companion, Elder Stolk, is from Colorado. Dad, he even beats you for most people in a family. HE HAS 14 PEOPLE IN HIS FAMILY. All natural births. It's pretty impressive hey? Anyways, he's such  a great guy, with a great sense of humour. We get along so well and have gotten pretty close.  We've become great friends in the little amount of time we have had. We have found out that we are both pretty similar too, which is so great. We both play volleyball, so gym time is so much fun for us. We dominate ;)

Well life at the MTC is hard, but its rewarding. This whole MTC thing is actually quite crazy. Imagine a 14 hour school day, all dedicated to things pertaining to the gospel and language. With super strict rules. That's basically what it is. BUT I'M LOVING IT. Being able to have the spirit as my constant companion has blessed me immensely. I can already feel myself personally improving in so many aspects. I'm really growing out here. My testimony is honestly strengthened every single minute.The food is pretty good, even though it tends to cause some traffic jams in my intestines if you catch my drift. Okay that was a little gross, but I hope I got my point across :)   Let's go through a normal days schedule here yes? Basically what happens is wake up at 6:00, get ready, go to personal study for an hour, eat breakfast, more study, companion study, classroom learning with our teacher, lunch, language study, more classroom learning, dinner, more language, then gym, then bed/letter writing time. I honestly have NO free time, except about a half an hour before bed.
We taught a fake investigator this week three lessons. IN SPANISH. It was quite hard, but I just let the spirit lead the way, and it helped me know what to say. I think we did pretty well, even though she wouldn't accept our inviation for baptism...good thing she's already a member haha.  
Ahh so funny story. Two days ago at breakfast I all of a sudden felt soooo sick. I tried to tough it out and eat. I even said a prayer that I'd be able to feel good and focus throughout the day. But as we know, the Lord can answer our prayers in mysterious ways. Immediately after my prayer, I was like, "COMPANION, WE GOTTA GO TO THE WASHROOM NOW". He kinda hesitated, and then I just PUKED.  I like covered it with my hands and all, just into a bowl on my tray. Little did I know, but he has a weak stomache. He like BOOKED it to the other end of the giant cafeteria, and was gagging for like half an hour. Poor guy. He's the one who gets made fun of constantly now for his weak stomache. Anyways, it was hilarious. I should be more careful about what I say in my prayers, I didn't want to puke....but the crazy thing was that I felt PERFECTLY fine after. So whatever, I guess Heavenly Father has a sense of humor too.
Happy Mothers Day Momma. I wish I could talk on the phone with you, I would love that. But I hope you feel my love, I'll be praying for you.
Stay Happy, stay healthy. Be strong, and of a good courage :) 

Talk to you all soon!
Love, Elder Hardy

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