Saturday, 17 August 2013

Blessing to go Back to Blackcreek

Monday July 15th, 2013

Hey there Everyone!
Man am I ever impressed with this email, IT'S SO BIG! And really shows how awesome and hardworking you all are, I LOVE IT!
Well there's so many things to write about, I can barely even keep track! The service efforts are still moving on, I love that. It's nice to see pictures of it all, you all look dirty, that's when you know you're really doing something! Cool to see everyone from the ward, you all look so great and happy! That's pretty heart warming about the old man who said he was just waiting for his turn. Makes me want to get over there and help him! We helped some women from a womens shelter move into their newly assigned house, and I just felt for them. Life is hard, but its how you look at it and react to it. People are awesome.
Okay, my week. Lets see, I'm pretty bad at keeping everything in check and remembering exactly what I want to say. My most spiritual moment...okay. It was yesterday, we were at the A's house for dinner. They brought a non-member family along, so that was awesome! At the end of dinner, we began to talk about God. Me and my companion taught and bore our testimonies, but it was nothing as powerful when Sister A bore her testimony. She explained how before her conversion into the church, when she was in high school, she had a special experience. She explained that there was a moment when the veil was lifted, and she saw what it was like when we all were with Heavenly Father in the pre-existence. She said that this only lasted for about a minute, and it has never happened since, but she will never forget it. It was a special thing I was there to hear. The spirit was so strong, and it was a blessing to feel.
Also, this whole youtube and Mormon memes thing is getting out of control. It's a blessing that I'm going back to my old ward in Blackcreek...because in this ward, everyone knows me. In church some random mom came up to me with her ipad and was like "HEY IS THIS YOU?!" It was of me and Joe at grad?! hahaha like...woah. Then people asked for my autograph? And then I taught a lesson to the 14-18 year olds in sunday school, and they all knew my first name and I had to like escape after class. It was crazy. Joe, you better be ready for some crazy fans. OH AND THEN WE STOPPED BY AT SOMEONES HOUSE, she was like a 25 year old married girl and she asked if I was the guy. Just ridiculous.
I told Chad a funny story in his letter, so when he gets it, im leaving it up to him to share if he wants ;) Don't judge me though.
Also here's a crazy one from yesterday. At the members house, they told us about a man down the street known as "The King". He said that he is mean and abusive to Mormons. So of course, I took that as a challenge, and I went to talk to him after because he was on the street! At first he didn't know I was Mormon I guess (even though I'm in a white shirt, tie, and tag?) but he was pretty nice. Then I told him who I was and he said "I don't even want to listen to you, I hate all Mormons." I tried to talk to him, and all he talked about was how Mormons down the street were "fooling around out of wedlock" and so he hates them all. So...yeah. I had lots I wanted to say, but he walked away. I have learned patience, but I sure feel feisty around people like that.
I love you guys, and I hope you are all safe. YOU ARE ALL SO GREAT.
Love, Elder Hardy
His response to questions about going to Blackcreek:
Tonight at 6:45, back into Spanish work for me, Elder Wright is getting his companion that was supposed to be here two weeks ago!  New comps are Polite and Vanderstel I believe!

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