Sunday, 25 August 2013

One Day in Canada, the Other in Spain!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hola Todos!
Well I don't have very much time to email here. I am at a computer shop kind of thing, and I only have 1 hour and 20 minutes. So I better get started!
That's a pretty sweet picture with all the family and the posters, thanks so much to whoever did that for me! Bethany I think? Thank you so much! It was nice to talk to most of you at the airport, sounds like everyone is doing so awesome, and I'm excited to talk to you all again at christmas!
Is school starting pretty soon now? Summer seriously flew by, at least it did for me!
Alright, well where to start. Life has been pretty hectic for me in this past week. One day in Canada, the other in spain. How did that even happen? Crazy. Anyways, I arrived in Spain and was picked up at the airport by the president and his wife, and then the ayudantes (assistants). We went directly to the place where we took some pictures, it was like a castle on top of some hill. It was cool to see all of Barcelona. its so vast and overwhelming, oh man. Crazy to think how many people there are that need to hear the message of the restored gospel. There's a big work to do here! My companions are both from Utah, pretty good guys! We are very very obedient, and sometimes even I wonder...why they do things certain ways. Sort of like unneccessary things. But I go with the flow, and try my best to be obedient.
The area that I'm in is called Badalona. It's in the East side of Barcelona, its like a suburb of Barcelona i think, not too sure. But we are going to la sagrada familia today in Barcelona, which I'm super excited about! The Spanish is pretty similar, just with a lisp and a couple unique words only from Spain to learn! I still have troubles speaking and understanding, but I know it will come with time and faith, so I'm not too worried..or at least thats what I tell myself. We walk EVERWHERE. There are buses, but we rarely ever take them. Spain is crazzzyyy. But so cool. Ahh, can't even really describe it! But people are just like everywhere else, some are nice, some aren't. Just depends on who you talk to! The ward is fairly small..I think there are just tons of less actives. But the members there are pretty awesome, so I'm excited to get to know them over time!
Anyways, I took some pictures for you guys, so I hope you enjoy them! I'll be taking some more today for sure, because I'll be right in the middle of Barcelona! Oh, and its true. There are toilets that clean your bum.
Love, Elder Hardy

"It's true, there are toilets that clean your bum."  Nice!


I am guessing this is the view from Elder Hardy's Apartment.


Quite a view of Barcelona!

Wow! The Mediterranean Sea

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