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I'm Going to Barcelona Momma!

Tuesday August 6, 2013.
Hola Todos!

HOLY THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE! You really are the best ever. I haven't opened the whole thing yet, but I saw the Ipod and the popcorn and the shirt and the letters and ahhhh I love you guys. You spoil me. I hope it didn't cost too much, it looks like an expensive package! shheeesshh.  Oh and also, I got that letter from you all! With the gift cards. You are too nice to me, I'm excited to spoil myself a little bit and make some good food! I've really been craving good food! AND I FOUND ANOTHER SECRET LETTER FROM YOU MOM!
As always, sounds like you guys are doing amazing! Fun time with baseball, and family, and climbing a mountain together?! So cool, I'm sure that those all made lasting memories with everyone! Pretty jealous, especially about the mountain. It's nothing but flat here! How is everyone doing back at home?! Staying safe and healthy?
So this week was pretty fun! I'll just write about some of the highlights, that's always the best thing to do I think.
Last Monday we went the a Chinese buffet called the Mandarin with the Lopez family, it was the mom's birthday! So on the way back on the subway, we were just sitting and talking, when all of a sudden we see a man kind of yell excitedly and start running towards us! He got closer and I saw he was handicapped. He then shook our hands, but when he shook mine last, he sat down right beside me and started hugging me. And kissing my hand. For about ten minutes, this man was just cuddling me and holding and kissing my hand, while crying! It was a different experience. But it really was nice when I thought about it after. He knew me. The veil for him is thin, and he knows exactly who I am, and who I was. I think he knew me, and that we used to be friends. The only problem is I cant remember. I have a picture that I got from someone's phone, I'll send that at some point!
Another funny story from the subway happened a few days ago! I was just sitting there, when this older lady called me over! So i went and sat down beside her, and she was like "Hey, could you tell all of your Christian followers that they need to stop killing all the Buddhists?" I was so taken aback! hahaha I had no idea that we killed Buddhists....but yeah, I cleared it up with her, explaining that Jesus wouldn't want anyone to kill. But that was a unique conversation for sure. I talk with loootttsss of funny people, and I love it.
We are now teaching a family who just moved here from Spain! We contacted them from ESL classes, its a great missionary opportunity. They are 7th day Adventists, but they seem very open to learning, and they are super nice. The dad is very hard to understand because of how fast he talks, but everyone else isn't too bad. I'm so excited to get them BAPTIZED! haha lets hope :)
Oh and one more singing in sacrament meeting this Sunday! I'm singing "Mas Cerca Dios De Ti". (Nearer My God To Thee). I'm really excited for it, I have grown a love for singing out here.
Well that was my week. Thanks so much for everything that you do for me. I love you all so much, I'm so excited to read the letters that were sent in my package! I really am so spoiled by you all! But I'm okay with that :)
Talk to you soon!
Con Amor, Elder Hardy
Just a mom note:  the ipod was a 2nd hand nano that I could load Mormon Tabernacle and EFY music onto for Elder Hardy.  He will be happy to have a little music.   Just as Elder Hardy's email came in on Tuesday, the phone rang.  It was the Spain Consulate asking to speak to Mr. Bryce Hardy.  His Visa was approved and the busy week began.  The mission home was amazing and took him to the consulate to take care of everything that needed done before the consulate would issue it to him and he could fly out.  His flight was going to be the following Monday and then it changed again to two weeks away, and then it changed again to THAT FRIDAY!   The crazy thing was that I was flying to Toronto on Wednesday and home Sunday.  It was so wild to be there as Elder Hardy was getting everything arranged to leave!    I wondered if I would bump into him in downtown Toronto in his comings and goings.  Here was his reply when I told him the news:
THANKS SO MUCH MOMMA!   I will hopefully talk with Sister Caldwell soon then, she is so awesome!   I am so excited to go...oh man. This is crazy news! I'M GOING TO BARCELONA MOMMA!


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