Wednesday, 28 August 2013

We Are the Tools God Uses To Make Them Happier!

Monday August 26, 2013
Hey There Everyone!
You wouldn't believe just how fast the time goes by out here! I feel like I just emailed you all! Thanks for the email, sounds like you are all still staying busy, and hopefully having a little bit of fun in the process!
Mom I´ll just answer those questions real quick. Yes, schedule is different. We wake up at 7:30 and go to bed at 23:30. We have a two hour siesta from 14:00-16:00 hours every day where we eat and study, because everyone goes home and everything in Spain shuts down! Also yes, I have an account and a card, and I use euros in cash too.
Well this week I had the wonderful opportunity to bring 3 people in the gate to eternal life! We baptized a family, and then confirmed them yesterday! The baptism was beautiful, and I loved seeing how happy they all were as they came out of the water. Ahh, so amazing. Yesterday I confirmed the little 9 year old girl named Violet, and it went great! Oh, and I also gave a talk at the baptism, in front of the mission president, that was a little nerve wracking...but it went good!
We are working with tons of investigators right now, and we are hoping to have another baptism this weekend, but we aren't too sure if he´s ready yet... but we will see! I love seeing people change in this process, and how we are the tools that God uses to make them happier!
Last P-Day we went bushwhacking up some hills here in Spain! Found some ancient ruins and such, it was so cool. I'll send you some pictures, it really is so beautiful here. I wish we had more time to do things like that on p-day, but really we are always rushed to get to places and to do things!
So that was basically my week. Working harder than I would have imagined, but having so much fun with it. I have learned to appreciate sleep so much, because I am so mentally and physically exhausted after every day. Just google map it, there isn't one street that's not a hill here!
Love you all, and I hope everything is going great. I'm doing great here, so don't worry about me! Have a great week, and enjoy life, WICKEDNESS NEVER WAS HAPPINESS :)
Love, Elder Hardy

Oh, and PSS. One of my favorite songs so far that I've found on the iPod that you all sent is called "I Cry". I think its by Freddie Ashby? Anyways, thanks again for being so amazing everyone! Ether 12:4, scripture for the day. DROP WHAT YOURE DOING AND READ IT!
I pray for you every night, separately. Just know I think about you guys :)

Carson, this is a boy in my ward who LOVES me.
He is 11, and he reminds me of you so much, he is super cool just like you.



"Is it bad that I enjoy the graffiti here?"

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