Saturday, 17 August 2013

So The MIssion Is Tough Sometimes.

Monday, July 29, 2013
Well Ello Mates!
Wow am I ever impressed with the size of these emails! I love reading those little details, definitely makes me smile.
Well this week! Not too many interesting things have happened actually, its been a pretty mild week! Isaura and Fernando are doing pretty good, but neither of them came to church yesterday which was disappointing!  But I hope that I'm here to see her get baptized, that's for sure! Fernando is a stud, he is definitely going to get baptized. When we challenged him, he was like "well when Jesus saw john the Baptist, he got baptized right I think I should too."  LOVE IT. He's so golden. The biggest problem with Spanish people is that they usually are very busy, because they need to work in order to support themselves and their family. So getting appointments and such is tough! I think that will be a big issue in Spain as well.
So the mission is tough sometimes. The language is hard to learn, and we are expected to teach people in it...crazy stuff. People always stare at you, and give you rude looks. We get yelled at all the time. Doors slammed in our faces. BUT. What makes it all worth it are the cool little experiences. Like this morning, a Jamaican man, about like 25, came up to us and said "Do you guys have anything for me?" Unfortunately all we had because it is our P-day, was a stop smoking card. But he was so appreciative and told us he wanted to change his life. He then like bore testimony about all these cool things that were happening, and why he needed to change! I just love those people, the ones that are searching for God, and just ready to change their lives.  Ahhh, so awesome!
So did you guys hear about the missionary in Spain?  The one who almost died on the derailed train? A man in my ward from Barcelona told me about it...maybe that is the reason why my visa is so delayed?  I will never know, but that could be one blessing that I need to count.
I'm sorry if this was a lame email, this week wasn't super exciting! But I will send you some pictures to make up for it :)
I love you all so much, never forget that!
Love, Elder Hardy
The Storm that drove them back to the Penthouse!
Contemplative Elder Hardy
Elder Hardy with Elder Fox
Elder Polite and Elder Vanderstel looking like quite the pair of jokesters!
This is a mural on the side of a building in Toronto that Elder Hardy thought was cool.


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