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Crazy Things Happen Everyday and It Makes Me So Happy!

Monday, October 21st, 2013.
Querido Familia!

Thank you as always for the wonderful email! You are the greatest! Well I will try to remember all the questions to answer as much as I can! Yes this island is beautiful, me and Elder West are in charge of basically the whole east side. Which means a gorgeous coast we get to see if we go out there, which I want to really bad. Problem is our travel costs, wow it's crazy. But we have everything we need here, including the amazing Mercadona. Mommy and Daddy, you two HAVE to come here one day to the islands. It would be a romantic date for you two ;) Oh and mom I'm not sure about the Christmas call quite yet, but I'm assuming we can skype, these computers have cameras!
Hahaha so anyways, things are amazing here. I think I told dad about the goodbyes from my last area, I hope he shared those! They were all super special, and hard. Its like saying goodbye to your family all over again! But things were so great. I had a beautiful flight over to the island, I will send you pics next week! Since I have been here, we have been working pretty hard and having great experiences! We had a baptism this last saturday, my 7th on the mission so far! Margarita, I don't know her too well, but she is the wife of the elders quorum president! I gave the talk on baptism, and the bishop liked it so much that he asked me to give a 10 minute talk the next day, on whatever I wanted! CRAZY. I have always hated public speaking, but I'm getting alright at a different language...hahaha

In church we are just a branch, or a rama. There are about...20 or 30 people? But they are all wonderful. We have an amazing branch president, he takes a lot on his shoulders in this growing branch. I have gained such a good relationship with everyone in the past few days too, i even played the piano for the branch! Haaha I'm just really excited about the blessings we are going to see.
There are lots of super interesting experiences that happen here, and it's the best! Crazy things happen everyday, and it always makes me so happy because it's one more thing I can write in my journal for people to read in the future. Me and Elder West like to sing for people when we visit them, but I think Elder West is a little tone deaf..nonetheless, we do it. So last night we were teaching a young family outside their house, the mom is 21, dad is 27, and three young kids. Super nice family, they are hittanos, or gypsies, but super nice. Anyways, we got to sing for them, and they complimented me on my voice, which was nice to hear. Also, one thing weird here that I've noticed, especially on the island...mothers have the freedom to feed their children when and where they want to. Even in lessons. So we get good at having to avert the eyes, maybe you could send me horse blinders for Christmas to protect me? hahahaah

But thats a bit of my week, sorry there are no pictures yet. I love you all so much, and I hope you continue through the week happy as ever, and always trying to improve. GAIN SOME ATTRIBUTES OF CHRIST. Focus on one. It really works.

Love, Elder Hardy

A few notes he sent a few minutes later answering my early morning questions:
Me and Elder West are literally the only two missionaries on the whole east side of the island! The other side has like 14. hahaha
The primary president asked me to play for the primary presentation, so I'm on it ;)

Cathedral in Manacor - "Literally Steps from our house!"

The Cathedral at Sunset

Antonio and Lucia and family! Investigators!

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