Sunday, 10 November 2013

Make Miracles Happen in Other Places Too!

Just a note: Elder Hardy wrote this letter to his Dad.  Did I believe that he thought we would all read it?  Yes.  Did I still feel a little ripped off?  Yes.  Did I frankly forgive him?  Yes.  He tries so hard to write to everyone and I love him for it!

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013.

Hey Dad! 

So I am here in the Island of Mallorca, and I'm just getting some quick email time on the church computer before district meeting! Not enough time to write to everyone, but you can share this email with everyone in the fam if you´d like! 

Haha I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving here. That would be so great. Although I have gotten fed pretty well here so far, so I'm not going to complain one bit. It sounded like tons of fun though, visiting tons of family! I miss those road trips down south, with the less than exciting movies that Aubrey always wanted to pick ;) But I'm glad you all had a good time!

Ahhh that is so great to here about the Flames. I got mom´s letter yesterday from the office, and it had a flames stamp on it, and I just had a huge adrenaline to hear about hockey. So THANK YOU for the update! The new rookie, that's incredible! I hope they can keep that work ethic up, maybe the cup will be back in Calgary for when I get home?! The stamps too, that's just unreal. Maybe that flood in Calgary washed away all the bad luck huh? hahahaha

Well I hope there will be some games soon that you all can watch together. That was always a highlight for me to play in them, and to have you all watch me. Gave me some...what's the word in English...animo? Excitement? haha I don't know.  But it's good to know you always enjoyed watching them. Maybe I'll try to play in university? haha  Doubt it though.

Well quick review of my week, although I feel as though my mind it like cleared of all this past week, now that I'm in a new area. But we had two baptisms, of Mari and Victor. I baptized and confirmed Victor, and did it perfectly! So that was a great experience. Victor is the most amazing kid ever, 15, but just so mature spiritually. I enjoyed teaching them so much. Just before the baptism, the President of my mission came. When he shook my hand, he pulled me in and whispered to me how proud he was of me for the miracles that I'm realizing here. He said that he wanted me to know I wouldn't always be here, but he wants me to make miracles happen in other places too. And look, here I am on some island. CRAZY RIGHT? haha  I'm so excited.

I spent the last few days saying goodbyes. At church I bore my testimony, and told everyone I was leaving. Literally I heard the whole room sigh super loud, it was so weird. Apparently the ward LOVED me, two of the young woman even came up to me crying after...that was a little strange, I barely new them. But just goes to show how big of an effect you can make in someone's life, and not even know it. I'll send tons of pictures of me with people! 

I have so many stories of goodbyes I want to share, but I'll just share one. Saying goodbye to Felix from Nigeria was tough. He loves me so much, and I love him so much too! He shared with us how he wants to find him mom, and he's trying to raise money to do so, But he has no papers, no job, and the most money he has ever seen it a five he found on the road. So as I said goodbye, I handed him a piece of paper with my email and a 20 in it. When he opened it, he literally looked like a child on Christmas opening a gift. Really humbled me, to know how much it meant to him. I hope it will help him find his mom.

Well that's a bit of my week. I'll send pics now! I love you so much Dad, and Mom, and Chad, and Bethany, and Carson, and you too Aubrey! You are all so special, and I am using attributes I learned from all of you, out here on the mission. Dad, the special one I'm gonna use and develop from you this month is patience. Thank you for showing me that wonderful example.

 Love, Elder Hardy

On our way to the island!

 Luis, Rocio and Fam. He is the BEST COOK FROM ARGENTINA.
Super amazing family

 Mari and Victor - not sure who everyone else is. Wish we had a picture of Elvis!
Saying goodbye to Felix.

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