Sunday, 10 November 2013

Someone Placed a Pole in My Walking Path!

Monday September 30, 2013.

Hardy Family!

You all look so much older already, it´s only been about five months but you all have changed so much! Especially Aubrey and Carson, wow. Two good looking siblings. Another great week for you all hey? Aubrey in her race, looking like she worked hard! She could probably run farther than me i think! Carson and his football, Bethany keeping on with volleyball! Too fun. AND AUBREY IS NOW 6, HOLY MOLY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIEPIE!

I love Dad´s idea of driving down to Cardston on Sunday! Little family memories like that just make life great. Alright, I will make sure that when I get the package, I'll open it very carefully. Thank you so much! And to be honest, I don't really know if I need anything. The missionary life makes you realize that...the worldly things don't matter...haha  I just like surprises, sorry to make that hard on you all ;)

Well I guess I can tell you a little bit about my week now! There were lots of things that happened, lots of funny things too. One of those funny things, is one day I was walking to the church down this walkway thing. Kids were just on the street playing soccer as usual, and I got distracted by watching them. To my surprise, someone placed a pole directly in my walking path. hahaha  Totally just ran into a pole. Luckily no one else saw, but it gave me a good laugh for sure. 

We have still been doing lots of teaching! We found two new golden people, totally prepared. They are from Ecuador, a mom, and her two sons. Ones name is Elvis, and he turned 6 yesterday! But anyways, they have a date for the 11th of Octubre to be baptized, so excited for them. 

Hmm, seems like I have been doing lots of singing lately. I got to sing with my district at our zone conference, I sang acompañe me, or abide with me I think it is in English. I also sang is at a seniors activity at the church, and that was very fun. Spanish seniors are hilarious, they are so great. But I loved one thing there, they all got to say one word that has meant the most to them in their life. And the three most common things were family, love, and the temple. It is so true, and what I love about it is that they all are really one thing. The eternal plan of happiness that God has for us. Truly, He knows us, and what makes us happy.

We also had a pretty crazy experience this week, maybe don't let the little ones read this part! We had to go to a house, to where the mom is a recent convert. She has two daughters who aren't members, and don't want anything to do with us. But this day we went over because she saw an evil spirit next to her bed every night. So we had to bless the home to try and cast it out, and we also gave her a blessing. Personally, I think we cast it out of her. I saw a literal immediate change in her face, from the minute to the next of the blessing. Satan is real, that's one thing I've learned this week!

Hmm...what more...oh, want to hear about the amazing deals here in Barcelona? Chad, if you ever want to buy some guay (cool) skinny ties, come here. I bought like 15 ties for 30 euros. 2 euro ties! ISNT THAT INSANE? Ahh, best day ever as a  missionary! haha I also bought a sweater for the cooler days, if we ever have one! 

I will send you some pictures, I didn't take too many this week. But I will try to take more...I really am super busy at all times with the Lord's work, and taking pictures doesn't always fit into his schedule. But I will do my best! One is of a family, they are seriously the best. We go over a lot during the night to teach them, and they always feed us something. They aren't baptised yet because they aren't married, but very soon they will be when they get papers!

Alright, well time is running out! I love you all so much. Oh wait, Chad I've had some crazzyyy dreams, and you are always in them. haha you are always here in Barcelona with me, its interesting. Not sure why, but just so you know ;)

okay for real now, adios, les amo mucho, y yo quiero que puedan divertirse un poco esta semana, vale?

Love, Elder Hardy
  We LOVE this missionary!

   Cute little park overlooking the city.

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