Sunday, 10 November 2013

Christ Will Take Care of the Hard Things in Life

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Dear The Best Family In The World!
Sounds like another successful week for everyone, still alive and learning everyday!  Mom you´re funny, I still enjoyed those little details that you gave, I liked how they were in point form too, gives me more time to reply to you all!  I love replying individually too. 
Bethany sounds like she's doing great with her volleyball, keeping on the legend. I'm sure even improving on it ;)   Carson still being the stud hey? Football is going great it sounds, and you are going to have a good school year with some great teachers! Keep working hard, and sticking up for what you believe!  Aubrey I'm just imagining you speaking French, that's so incredible. Learning a new language isn't easy, so don't get too stressed like I do sometimes alright? Keep working hard and looking beautiful!  Chad, sorry to hear about Kayla´s grandma. I hope it was a good service, and I know that she will see her again one day. Mom always gives the best haircuts, I miss not having to pay for them!

Okay well my week!
There were lots or great things that happened this week, as a missionary I have learned that I experience every single type of emotion possible on a daily basis! There are funny things, sad things, crazy, fun, spiritual, just every single thing. 
Felix was baptized this past week. Before the baptism when we picked him up. He said he stayed in his house all day just watching the clock, so that he wouldn't miss his baptism. Now that's what I call a man of faith who really understands the importance of this life. I love him so much, his service was so perfect, and just seeing his face so happy made every hard moment worth it. He is already seeing the blessings. Receiving clothes from others, and getting help with papers. I'll attach pics! 

We saw some pretty crazy things this week! Saw a fight between a Muslim lady and a Spanish man, talk to two drugged up guys on a bench who wanted my glasses, thought I was from Finland, and told us to go save free willy. We had some good laughs with them. We also went to mass yesterday with one of our investigators...pretty interesting. Very different. Hmm what else...OH LAST PREPARATION DAY! We played sports, and it was super fun! But when it came time for volleyball, things got get competitive when you haven't played for a while. Long story short, I hit an elder where it hurts, and even an Hermana right in the face. I felt soooo terrible, but I made sure she was okay. Dang I'm so dumb sometimes. Haha but that was basically my week this week. The main points that i can think of. 

I love you all so much, and I hope that you are all recognizing the miracles in your lives. Counting your blessings. We truly are blessed, the state of some people here, both temporally and spiritually, is just devastating. One of the hardest things to do, and requires so much faith, is promising them that if they do what we say, that Christ will take care of the hard things in life for them. But I know he will. If we first seek the kingdom of god, all other things will be added unto us. And that's a promise. 

 Hey I love you all, but I gotta go :)

 Love, Elder Hardy

Part of a Missionaries responsibility
is teaching a new convert how to tie a tie!

 Elder Hardy and Elder Escobar with Felix and his friend.

An exciting day for everyone!

 Tough looking, soccer jersey wearing, Elders on a train!

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