Sunday, 10 November 2013

SpongeBob SquarePants in Spanish at a members house!

Monday, November 4th, 2013.

Hello There Everyone!
Thanks so much for all of the pictures that you all sent, I was seriously freaking out at how much everyone seems to have grown already, and it's only been 6 months! Wow. Carson is looking like a handsome man already, and Aubrey is looking super grown up, kind of sad :( Bethany, I show people a picture of you and they all think you are in your 20s! hahaha and mom you are looking beautiful as always, I love your hair! I loved the letter this week, thank you for writing me such good ones. I can always rely on you to lift me up, my email time is always my favorite time of preparation day, by far.

The weather here isn't very cold, it just gets a little chilly at night and in the mornings! We have to wear our suit or a sweater everyday though, so the little bit of chill that we do get makes me super happy.  I love it here on the island, and I think that I will be serving here for a long time, just based on my spidey senses ;)
Well normally I try to answer some questions, but there weren't too many at all!  I'm happy you got an idea of where I lived, its the golden door right next to the Pharmacia! So you might have seen the door I walk through everyday! Pretty interesting. I cant even imagine what it would have been like serving a mission in the pioneer days, letters would have been like GOLD. Well they still are, to be honest.
Hey I have some fun pictures to send, but I'll send them tonight, this computer doesn't have a USB port, sorry!

Well a bit about my week! I had a really fun week! Lots of riding on trains. One day we went to Palma (the big city on the west side), for enfoque de zona. It was so good, the spirit was super strong as we received direction from our leaders! My zone leaders seriously love me for some reason, that's one thing I took note of!   I got to bear my testimony there, and I loved that opportunity.
We then headed back to Palma by train again the next day to have interviews with President Pace. He is so great, I love him. I told him I had to repent, because I watched one minute of SpongeBob SquarePants in Spanish at a members house, and he just laughed and said he was so grateful that's all I had to repent about. He also told me something that elder west said in his interview with him. That Elder West said that I am his best friend. For some reason it just made me super emotional, and I realized that I always need to do the same, have my companion be my best friend no matter what. Elder West is amazing!

Marga, who I will send a...funny picture of later...(she doesn't understand our picture taking rules), didn't get baptized yet, but I asked her to pray to receive her own baptismal date. I know she will get baptized, its just on her own time. She always comes to church and we see her tons, and she loves us so much, so I'm confident we can help her with her goal that she will receive!
For Halloween we didn't do much, not as fun as yours was! We did make makeshift masks though, I'll send you a picture! Carson, your costume made me laugh pretty hard.

Last night, we heard a cat or something, that had kept us awake the entire night before. So we decided to go catch it. It was a little black kitten, we used milk and boxes and everything, but in the end, we weren't quite successful. It was fun though, and super hilarious to do. Don't worry, we did it in normal clothes so we didn't look extra weird.
Well that was my week this week. Praying for you all lots, and am so happy to see and hear about the blessings you receive everyday! I remember hearing about that in the MTC, that my family directly receives blessings for the missionary service I will do. It helps drive me to do the best I can out here!

Love you all so much, stay safe, and have a great week!
Love, Elder Hardy

Halloween Costumer with Elder West.  Elder Hardy appears to be 'Super-Waldo-Man'

A little Halloween Mail from the Cimarron Ward Young Women.

"A Halloween pumpkin the mission made! El Faro means
The Lighthouse, because Spain is the lighthouse mission in Europe"

"Today´s Preparation Day Adventure! Climbed a mountain with some members,
and at the top is an ancient catholic church and a beautiful view"

This is Marga, the 17 year old girl from here in Mallorca, super amazing person!
(the girl that doesn't understand the picture taking rules)


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